Cool off with a ice tea from Laurie's.

Laurie's offers a variety of beverages. Our sugar-free peach is a favorite.

Try a flavored or regular tea throughout the year.


Try one of our delicious, refreshing flavored iced teas

Iced tea - Regular - $1.99

Flavored Iced Tea - Peach or Raspberry (these teas are artificially flavored) - $1.99

Lemonade - Straight from the can, but it's still good - $1.99

Coffee - Regular or decaffeinated - $1.99

Sodas - Coke, Dr. Pepper, Root Beer, Sprite, Diet Coke, and Diet Dr. Pepper - $1.99

Hot Teas - Constant Comment, Decaffeinated, Earl Grey, English Tea Time, Green, Lemon Lift, Plantation Mint or Raspberry Royale - $1.99