Have Laurie's cater your event.

Laurie's will customize a menu to your complete satisfaction, within the limits of your budget.

The items listed in this menu are merely a sample of what we can offer to make your event a complete success.


Appetizers & Finger Foods

Black Bean and Roasted Corn Egg Rolls - Slow cooked black beans, fire roasted corn kernels, chilies and pepper jack cheese all rolled up in a crispy egg roll wrap. Served with a creamy herb dip.

Brie en Croute - A well aged Brie wheel wrapped in flaky puff pastry and stuffed with fruit & nuts or basil pesto and baked to a beautiful golden brown. Served with toast points and water crackers.

Cajun Boiled Shrimp - Fresh shrimp boiled with just the right amount of Cajun seasonings and fresh lemons. Served with cocktail sauce and clarified butter.

Charleston Baked Brie - A wheel of Brie topped with green apples, roasted walnuts and brown sugar, then baked to form the most sinfully delicious Brie around.

Cheese Wafers - Crisp, sharp Cheddar wafers. Great for a light snack.

Cheese Olive Canapés - Pimento stuffed olive wrapped in a cheesy pastry and baked to a golden brown.

Country Style Chicken Tenders - Tender strips of chicken dredged in seasoned flour, buttermilk and more seasoned flour; then fried to a golden brown. Served with country gravy, honey mustard or ranch dipping sauce.

Crab Soufflé - Crab meat in a creamy sauce served with garlic toasted bread rounds

Fried Catfish Nuggets with Jalapeno Tartar Sauce - Farm raised catfish nuggets dredged in a Texas cornmeal crust and lightly fried. Served with a fresh jalapeno tartar sauce

Chicken Kabobs - Citrus marinated chunks of chicken, orange and lemon wedges, sweet onions and bell peppers

Beef Kabobs - Spicy marinated beef tips, red onion, bell pepper and lime, encrusted in cracked black pepper and grilled to desired temperature (rare to well-done)

Spinach Artichoke Dip - Spinach leaves, artichoke hearts, roasted garlic and Parmesan cheese baked to perfection. Served with water crackers and toast points.

Stuffed Mushrooms - Bite size mushrooms stuffed with a variety of fillings. Try our Italian sausage with roasted peppers and garlic or herbed flavored bread with Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses

Sweet and Sour Ham Balls - Bite size balls of herb seasoned ham served with a delicious caramelized honey mustard sauce

Tortilla Wraps - Choose from a variety of delicious fillings. Try chicken with jalapeno Jelly, ham with citrus jelly; roast beef with horseradish Dijon sauce or cucumber with creamy dill sauce


Almond Crusted Salmon Filet or Tilapia - A fresh filet of salmon coated with slivered almonds and sautéed in olive oil and served with a light lemon cream sauce.

Beef Wellington - A select cut of beef wrapped in a flaky, crust baked to a golden brown

Chicken a la Kiev - A boneless chicken breast pounded thin and stuffed with fresh herbs and butter and lightly coated in bread crumbs then sautéed to a golden brown.

Chicken Enchiladas - Deliciously seasoned chicken with green chilies, black olives, green onions, Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses in a cream sauce.

Chicken Fried Chicken or Steak - Choice of chicken breast or beef steak cooked the old fashioned "Chicken Fried" way. Served with a choice of pepper gravy or spicy jalapeno gravy.

Chicken Parmesan - A lightly breaded breast of chicken served atop fresh cooked pasta and a homemade tomato sauce. Finished off with a thick slice of melted Parmesan cheese.

Chicken Supreme - A chicken breast cooked in a white wine, Swiss Cheese sauce and topped with buttered breadcrumbs

Fajitas - Beef, chicken or vegetarian style fajitas. Served with sour cream, guacamole, fresh salsa and of course warm flour tortillas.

Grilled Tenderloin - 6 oz. Filet of beef tenderloin grilled over an open fire to desired temperature (rare to well done)

Pepper Crusted Pork Loin - Juicy pork loin encrusted with cracked peppercorns and fresh rosemary; then grilled to perfection.

Prime Rib - A succulent cut of prime rib, perfectly cooked to perfection. Served with au Jus.

Southwest Stuffed Chicken Breast - Homemade bread stuffing with roasted corn and Monterey jack cheese rolled into a chicken breast, then sautéed. Covered with a jalapeno cream sauce.

Tex-Mex Crusted Chicken - Marinated breast of chicken coated with a crunchy layer of crushed tortilla chips and sautéed to a golden brown. Topped with a sour cream-cilantro sauce.

Trout Amandine - A seasoned filet of trout baked with a topping of butter and sliced almonds.

Verde Enchiladas - Spicy chicken and Monterey jack cheese rolled in corn tortillas and covered with a homemade tomatillo salsa


Avocado Corn

Ham Salad

Broccoli Salad

Lemon Slaw

Caesar Salad

Mandarin Green Salad with balsamic vinaigrette

Chicken Salad

Marinated Vegetables

Cobb Salad

Nutty Apple

Cole Slaw

Parmesan Pasta Salad

Copper Pennies

Spinach Salad

Deviled Eggs

Wagon Wheel Pasta

Egg Salad


The following is just a few of the delicious side dishes we can provide upon request.


French Fried

Potato Cakes - shredded, seasoned potatoes fried to a golden brown Mashed Potatoes with roasted garlic

Mashed Potatoes - with fresh herbs OR with sour cream and cheese

Roasted New Potatoes - seasoned with fresh garlic bulbs and rosemary

Twice Baked Potatoes - seasoned with crumbled bacon, sour cream and Cheddar cheese OR roasted garlic and herbs

Rice - Fried Rice, Rice Pilaf, Spanish Rice

Pasta - Alfredo, Penne with sweet tomato cream sauce

Beans - Fresh Refried Beans, Tejas Black Beans and Steamed Rice

Asparagus - (steamed) served with Hollandaise Sauce

Basil Green Beans

Creamed Spinach - fresh, of course

Grilled Vegetables

Steamed Seasonal Vegetable

Stuffed Tomatoes – filled with herbed, bread crumbs


Bacon Corn Chowder - Bacon, potatoes, carrots and corn in a richly flavored broth.

Beef Vegetable - Seasoned beef in a rich beef broth with potatoes, carrots, celery, and seasoned with a little basil.

Broccoli Cheese - Delicious cheese soup with flavored broccoli. This is rich, and creamy and seasoned to perfection!

Canadian Cheese - An unforgettably delicious cheese soup. This is thick, rich and creamy. You've got to try this!

Chicken Tortilla - Rich chicken stock full of tomatoes, green pepper, green chilies and garnished with tortilla strips, and shredded Monterey jack cheese.

Clam Chowder New England Style - A creamy white roux with clams, onions and potatoes. This soup is thick and yummy.

Creamy Chicken Noodle - Sautéed onions, celery, carrots, and garlic simmered in rich chicken stock with homemade noodles and shredded chicken. Tastes like chicken and dumplings

French Onion - Thinly sliced sweet onions sautéed in butter until well caramelized. Then simmered in beef stock and herbs. Served with fresh croutons and topped with grated Swiss.

Green Chile Rice - Rice, green chilies, onions and heavy cream.

Potato - Creamy, cheesy, rich and delicious.

Tomato Basil - Rich tomato soup flavored with basil, butter and sweet cream.



Banana Nut

Carrot (with Orange Cream Cheese Frosting)

Italian Cream

Red Velvet

1886 Cake






Chocolate Supreme (chocolate chip at its best)

Cranberry Crunch

Oatmeal Raisin

Peanut Butter

Supreme Desserts

Grand Marnier Soufflé