Pies and desserts for the holidays.

Laurie's offers assorted side dishes, salads and deserts for the holidays. This menu may change to suit the needs and desires of our customers. We will prepare any of the items throughout the year. However, it is primarily used for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Holiday Menu 2017

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All Laurie's Menu Items can be ordered for Take-out

MINIMUM ORDER – 4 SERVINGS (or as specified)


Ham (Sliced) - $8.99/pound

Side Dishes

Any of of our great casserole are available. Also ask for anything you might need. A few suggestions might be: sweet potato casserole, cornbread dressing, cranberry relish, homemade soup and breakfast casserole.

Laurie's Yeast Rolls -(only sold by the dozen) - $9.99/dozen


Broccoli - for quart (approx. 4 servings) - $13.00

Chicken - for quart (approx. 4 servings) - $18.00


Any of our delicious appetizers can be made to order.

Minimum Appetizer Order - 4 dozen


Meringue Pies - (chocolate, coconut, lemon) - $15.99 each / 9"

Chocolate Pecan Pie - $15.99 each / 9"

Pecan Pie - $15.99 each / 9"

Bread Pudding - w/sauce - $30.00 for 9 x 13

1886 Chocolate Cake - $30.00 for 9 x 13 or $15.95 for 5 x 7

Italian Cream Cake - 3-layer - $30.95 - 8"

Cobblers (peach, apple, or cherry) - $23.95 for 9 x 13

Special Requests - Any of Laurie's menu items may be ordered.

Be sure to order casseroles early.

All orders should be placed by Monday, November 20th and Friday, December 18th. After each of these dates, orders will be taken on availability basis only. Please call (512)863-5875 for availability. We will close at 3 p.m. Wednesday, November 23rd. All orders must be picked up be 3:00 p.m.

Laurie's will be closed for the holidays December 24 through January 6th.